I am entering the brave new world of crowdsourcing. Thank you to all who have encouraged and supported Herb & Stone Beauty this past year. I'm hopeful to be able to take this project to a new level with some investing partners. Please take a moment to read about this campaign and consider donating even a small amount! I would be so grateful to have your partnership! 

A beautiful array of Herb & Stone products matched with my paintings. One of the goals of this kickstarter campaign is to fund a re-working of the labels, adding a painting and ensuring the label is waterproof and high-quality. There are huge up-front costs to this project, and I am soliciting backers to help make this meaninful improvement. The old labels are very special to me, and will be still available. I love that black and white photograph of my once falling apart cement porch...the simplicity of it matches my products well. But the explosive joy of the paintings is where I'd like to head. Please join in supporting me if you are able! This campaign includes some great incentives for backers! 

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