photo credit: Emily Bojarski

"HerbandStoneBeauty is a beautiful line of handmade skincare creations utilizing high-quality and high-performing herbal ingredients. Best of all - it's impressively affordable. Each formulation contains its own special synergy - a balanced intertwinement of luscious oils, butters and clays. This thoughtful curation results in a delightfully satisfying multi-sensory experience." -Emily Bojarski

What a lovely experience it is to meet someone who loves your creations. Emily Bojarski is a beautiful designer/production artist at CamelBak and founder of 26Modern, green beauty blog. She reached out to me after purchasing Cinnamon Mask and Immortal Blue and asked to publish a short interview me for her blog. 

Many thanks for her inquisitive and celebratory questions! 

Read full interview at 26Modern