I want to begin this blog with a little background information about who I am and why I created Herb & Stone Beauty: I think it's helpful to round out the picture by telling you a bit about myself: 

To begin:  

I am a public health nurse (work with homeless people). This is the best 5 minute video is the best way I can explain my work, well worth viewing. 

I am also an artist (a painter with ongoing exhibits in galleries) :: 

I do this work generally about 1/2 the work week. I'm a little manic about painting. 

I am a mother (of one beloved son) ::

Here he is, poking me in the neck while grabbing for the phone. 

I also love gardening ::

and I love to cook even in the midst of a busy life! 

I already mentioned that I L O V E making things. Even after a long day at my nurse job, if the evening involves a project, I am so so happy. Having a kid opened up new worlds in the realm of projects: 

Super Fun. And making beauty products is even BETTER. 

The thing I seek most in life is balance. Being a Libra, this may make sense to some. On the one hand, I work as a nurse with traumatized, marginalized people. On the other, I create intricate works of art that express beauty. But for me, these two things actually go very well together as joy and pain seem to often be the two sides of the same coin in my life. 

Enter Herb & Stone Beauty....playing around with recipes with my mother-in-law, going to farmer's markets and little boutiques and trying out handmade creams, spending gobs of $$ on products for my almost 40 year old skin....and suddenly I'm like: "I can make that, right?" And so I began researching and experimenting and setting aside most everything else for a bit to C R E A T E these beautiful products. Want to try some?? Drop me a line, I've made samples galore. I don't want to buy chemically stuff to put on my skin again. I want to make and use stuff like this forever. Thanks for reading. 


Kathleen George, founder creater mother artist nurse 

My husband ^ who is the BEST.