Handmade :: Small-Batch :: Artful Skin-Care

Herb + Stone Beauty, LLC is born of a love of creating, healing and experiencing healthy and soft skin. Each product is formulating using gifts from the earth; high-quality clays, salts, and plant seed oils. These ingredients are enough to heal and hydrate skin and can be used by anyone. Here you will find scrubs using salt and stone to exfoliate and nourish, anti-aging plant-based serums and toners, and gloriously light and rich facial balms with minerals added optionally for SPF protection, aluminum-free deodorant and herb-infused healing salves for all skin-types. 

The products are paired with my paintings, fusing my love of creating art with my love of creating these products. 
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About Immortal Blue Facial Balm: "The smell, texture and color of this balm is absolutely beautiful. It's incredibly moisturizing, yet lightweight on the skin without feeling greasy...I can't praise it enough. Super happy customer! Thank you for formulating such an incredible product!"-Emily Bojarski of @26Modern

About Honey Wash Facial Cleanser: "What an absolutely lovely product. It’s so creamy and thick and full of lovely honey. I massage it into my dry face to get the benefits of the honey and then add some water and it becomes this milky lovely emulsion. Rinses nice and clean and leaves my face soft."-Etsy Customer

About Garden Seed Facial Serum: "This serum has changed my skin! It is is the long drink of water it has been craving for years! I have dry skin that LOVES to be moisturized but often the creams I have used in the past do not seem to last and I need to reapply frequently. This serum is the base to my skincare - I wash or simply splash water on my face - pat lightly - and then massage 4-6 drops of this serum into my face/neck/decolletage and BOOM! I smell divine and my skin is radiant! I do follow with a Herb + Stone moisturizer in the fall/winter (but in the summer the serum can be enough!) The serum is made in small batches with love - I have tried MANY other brands - Herb and Stone is THE BEST!!"-Muffy White of Muffy White Organizing + Style

Herb + Stone Beauty, LLC is owned and operated by one woman. I am always working hard to improve products. Herb + Stone Beauty, LLC is a place of happiness for me. I strive to create things that I want to use every day, for reasonable prices using high-quality ingredients. While most of my ingredients are organic, all are pure and trusted brands. I am able to purchase bulk herbs at my local natural foods store and have found some wonderful online ordering supply stores. I take my example from the many extraordinary leaders in this growing green-skincare market. Over the past year I have had the exciting opportunity to partner with local merchants, and am honored to offer these products to my community. I was also able to run a successful Kickstarter campaign and was able to launch an amazing project to redo all of Herb + Stone Beauty labels-and to feature each with a sturdy water/oil proof label with one of my original paintings-I am truly thankful for those amazing backers that made that dream a reality. Please know that I welcome comments, collaboration and community. 

Disclaimer: The statements made on website and all products are for educational purposes only. These products are not tested or verified by the FDA. Use of Herb + Stone Products inappropriately may result in health problems, they are not to be ingested. Consult your health practitioner if pregnant or nursing. Always do a patch test prior to use. Herb + Stone products do not contain any known harsh chemicals, but do contain possible allergens: Nut oils and coconut oil are frequently used and any product may contain cross-contamination, though every effort is made to keep ingredients separate. These products are not third-party tested.